Ukraine, Kharkov. September 25-27, 2012

Program Committee
Materials of the Conference


  The Conference topics include methods of remote sensing of the terrestrial and planetary atmospheres, geospace, interplanetary and interstellar space and radio wave propagation through these media in a wide frequency range. Preference will be given to the methods employing already existing natural and technogenic emissions as the probe signals and requiring no special transmitting systems to be developed. Invite papers will present reviews of fundamental papers by P. Bliokh who has contributed essentially to the development of these research areas in Ukraine.

  The Conference topics are:

  1. Low-frequency environmental resonators and guiding structures
  2. Natural focusing systems
  3. Remote sensing and wave propagation in the geospace
  4. Effects in dusty plasmas
  5. Electromagnetic field fluctuations in natural media

  Guide for authors, as well as the financial conditions of participating in the Conference and accommodation details will be available in announcements.


EMES - 2012