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Published on Monday, 01 February 2021 Written by Юлія Антоненко

Сьогодні (01.02.2021) о 13 годині за київським часом відбудеться онлайн семінар Інституту Астрономії Вроцлавського університету

Title: Short-term geomagnetic storms (author - prof. Michal Tomchak) 

Summary: Studying statistics of geomagnetic storms since 1994 I found several short-term distrubances that occurred during almost a quiet background. On the first look, I considered them as data errors. However, a comparison between the planetary index (Kp) and solar wind measurements proves that these events are real. I called them geomagnetic glitches (GMG). In my talk I will present statistics of GMGs and will describe conditions in which this kind of events can occur.

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