Phone Book

Department name / position Name Telephone number

Management of the Institute
Director Zakharenko V.V. 38057-315-11-27 Zakharenko V.V.
Director's office Pabot Ie.A. 38057-341-77-27 Pabot Ie.A.
Director Emeritus Lytvynenko L.M.. 38057-706-14-10 Pabot Ie.A.
Deputy Directors: Vavriv D.M. 38057-341-77-33 Vavriv D.M.
Konovalenko A.A. 38057-706-14-12 Konovalenko A.A.

Reception (Mystetstv str.) Korol' M.A. 38057-706-14-15 Korol' M.A.
Scientific Secretary Udovenko A.P. 38057-315-20-92 Udovenko A.P.
Chief engineer Sylin V.V. 38057-706-14-13 Sylin V.V.

Scientific Departments
Decameter radio astronomy department head (# 11)
Department's head Ulyanov O.M. 38057-315-25-00, 38057-341-77-34 Ulyanov O.M.

Bielov A.S. 38057-706-14-04 Bielov A.S.

Vasylieva Ia.Iu. 38057-341-77-34 Vasylieva Ia.Iu.

Kvasov H.V. 38057-706-14-04 Kvasov H.V.

Kolіadin V.L. 38057-706-14-11 Kolіadin V.L.

Lytvynenko O.A. 38048-724-30-51 Lytvynenko O.A.

Ostapchenko L.M. 38057-706-14-12 Ostapchenko L.M.

ReznychenkoA.M. 38057-706-14-14  ReznychenkoA.M.

Rіabov M.I. 38048-724-30-51 Rіabov M.I.

Sydorchuk M.A. 38057-341-77-34 Sydorchuk M.A.

Stanyslavskyi A.A. 38057-706-14-09 Stanyslavskyi A.A.

Sobolev Ia.M. 38057-706-14-11 Sobolev Ia.M.

Stiopkin S.V. 38057-706-14-09 Stiopkin S.V.

Falkovich D.B. 38057-706-14-12 Falkovich D.B.

Flanchyk A.B. 38057-706-14-11 Flanchyk A.B.

Tsvyk N.A. 38057-706-14-11 Tsvyk N.A.

Shevchenko V.V. 38057-706-14-04 Shevchenko V.V.

Astrophysics department (#12)
Department's head Mel'nik V.N. 38057-706-14-11 Mel'nik V.N.

Dorovskyi V.V. 38057-706-14-14 Dorovskyi V.V.

Shepelev V.A. 38057-706-14-04 Shepelev V.A.

Radio astronomy instrumentation and observing techniques department (#15)
Department's head Kalynychenko N.N. 38057-706-14-06 Kalynychenko N.N.

Tokarsky P.L. 38057-706-14-14 Tokarsky P.L.

Shevchenko V.A. 38057-706-14-09 Shevchenko V.A.

Myroshnychenko A.P. 38057-706-14-11 Myroshnychenko A.P.

Space Radio Physics department (#16)
Department's head Tyshkovets V.P. 38057-706-14-06 Tyshkovets V.P.

Tsvetkova V.S. 38057-706-14-14 Tsvetkova V.S.

Hutnyk V.H. Hutnyk V.H.

Ptashnyk L.H. 38057-706-14-14 Ptashnyk L.H.

Bannikova Ie.Iu. 38057-706-14-06 Bannikova Ie.Iu.

Millimeter astronomy department (#17)
Department's head Shul'ha V.M. 38057-341-77-35, 38057-341-77-36 Shul'ha V.M.

Havrykov V.K. 38057-341-77-35, 38057-341-77-36 Havrykov V.K.

Myshenko V.V. 38057-341-77-35, 38057-341-77-36 Myshenko V.V.

Koroliov A.M. 38057-341-77-35, 38057-341-77-36 Koroliov A.M.

Kurbatova N.D. 38057-341-77-35, 38057-341-77-36 Kurbatova N.D.

Microwave radio spectrometer department (#18)
Department's head Ilyushyn V.V. 38057-341-77-38 Ilyushyn V.V.

Alieksieiev Ie.A.. 38057-341-77-38 Alieksieiev Ie.A..

Knіaz'kov L.B. 38057-341-77-38 Knіaz'kov L.B.

Pohrebnіak N.L. 38057-341-77-38 Pohrebnіak N.L.

Budnikov V.V. 38057-341-77-38 Budnikov V.V.

Rudchenko Zh. D 38057-341-77-38 Rudchenko Zh. D

Theoretical Radiophysics department (#20)
Department's head Prosvirnin S.L. 38057-341-77-39 Prosvirnin S.L.

Sieliezniov D.H. 38057-341-77-39 Sieliezniov D.H.

Gribovsky A.V. 38057-341-77-39 Hrybovsky A.V.

Kochyn V.N. 38057-341-77-39 Kochyn V.N.

Sydorchuk N.V. 38057-341-77-39 Sydorchuk N.V.

Iachyn V.V. 38057-341-77-39 Iachyn V.V.

Electronic microwave devices department (#21)
Department's head Vavriv D.M. 38057-341-77-33 Vavriv D.M.

Usyk P.V. 38057-341-77-41 Usyk P.V.

Naumenko V.D. 38057-341-77-42 Naumenko V.D.

Pyshko O.F. 38057-341-77-41 Pyshko O.F.

Soin A.V. 38057-341-77-42 Soin A.V.

Halushko V.H. 38057-341-77-41 Halushko V.H.

Radiophysics of Geospace department (#22)
Department's head Zalizovsky A.V. 38057-341-77-46 Zalizovsky A.V.

Iampol'sky Iu.M. 38057-341-77-46 Iampol'sky Iu.M.

Koloskov A.V. 38057-341-77-48 Koloskov A.V.

Tokarska L.D. 38057-341-77-48 Tokarska L.D.

Kashchieiev S.B. 38057-341-77-48 Kashchieiev S.B.

Lytvynenko H.V. 38057-341-77-48 Lytvynenko H.V.
Scientific and engineering departments
S. Ya. Braude Radio Astronomy Observatory (dept. #13)
Department's head Burak V.F. 38057-341-77-32 Burak V.F.
High technology microwave department (#14)
Department's head Vynogradov V.V. 38057-341-77-31 Vynogradov V.V.

Popov A.P. 38057-341-77-31 Popov A.P.
Martova low-frequency observatory (dept. #23)

Paznukhov V.Ie. 38057-706-14-07 Paznukhov V.Ie.

Rokhman A.H. 38057-706-14-07 Rokhman A.H.
Scientific Organization Divisions
Scientific Secretary Office

Soina T.A. 38057-315-20-92 Soina T.A.
Department of scientific and technical information

Shershneva S.P. 38057-700-30-92 Shershneva S.P.

Poladych A.A. 38057-720-34-03 Poladych A.A.

Kyrychenko A.Ie. 38057-706-14-09 Kyrychenko A.Ie.
Executive secretary of the "Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy" journal

Korol' M.A. 38057-700-30-92 Korol' M.A.
Sci-tech library

Zakharenko L.N. 38057-700-30-92 Zakharenko L.N.
Intellectual Property Department

Holovin P.N. 38057-706-14-13 Holovin P.N.
Maintenance divisions
Planning and Production Department
Department's head Semenіuta O.Iu. 38057-341-77-37 Semenіuta O.Iu.

Sharapova T.A. 38057-341-77-47 Sharapova T.A.
Accounting Department

Zmiivska O.A. 38057-341-77-40 Zmiivska O.A.

Lutsenko S.A. 38057-341-77-30 Lutsenko S.A.
Human Resources Department

Tymoshevska N.F. 38057-341-77-28 Tymoshevska N.F.

Pabot Ie.A. 38057-341-77-27 Pabot Ie.A.

Sokolova N.B.
Sokolova N.B.
Chief Mechanic's workshop

Skomorokh Iu.N. 38057-720-38-06 Skomorokh Iu.N.
Security Of Labor Department

Myroshnychenko N.A. 38057-720-36-66 Myroshnychenko N.A.
Transportation services

Hrechko V.N. 38057-720-35-98 Hrechko V.N.
Economic department

Lohvynova H.D. 38057-341-77-29 Shchyrova T.N.
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