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ТЕМА: IAU Symposium 308

IAU Symposium 308 9 года, 11 мес. назад #22

Dear Colleague

We are happy to announce IAU Symposium 308 "The Zel'dovich' Universe: Genesis and Growth of the Cosmic Web", which will be held in Tallinn, Estonia, from June 23-28, 2014.

2014 is the centenary year of the birth of Yakov Zel'dovich. IAU symposium 308 pays tribute to his outstanding contributions to the understanding of the large scale matter distribution in the Universe by devoting its attention on the Cosmic Web and cosmic structure formation. The symposium will synthesize the large advances and insights obtained from many different observational and theoretical studies and set out the lines for the major upcoming scientific programs that will not only extend our view over a far larger fraction of the visible Universe but also allow the systematic investigation of the evolution of cosmic structure.

Topics that will be addressed are:
- Large Scale Galaxy Surveys
- Simulations of Large Scale Structure formation
- Structural Analysis of the Cosmic Web
- Large Scale Structure at high redshift
- the Zel'dovich Legacy: theory & dynamics
- Gravitational Lensing and the Cosmic Web
- Voids
- the Local Universe (reconstruction, dynamics and velocity flows)
- Dynamical Analysis of the Cosmic Web
- the Gaseous Cosmic Web (Lyman alpha forest, WHIM, ...)
- Cosmic Web as environment for galaxy formation
- Galaxies in the Cosmic Web
- Dark Ages -- Reionization
- Primordial Signature of the Cosmic Web (BAOs, primordial non-Gaussianities, non-standard Gravity)
- Future Surveys
- Cosmology of Yakov Zel'dovich: historical and scientific perspective

Registration, abstract submission and application for financial support are now possible.

More information can be found in our conference webpage http://www.iau-zeldovich.org/

We apologize if you receive this message more than once but would like to ask you to distribute this announcement among your colleagues as widely as reasonable.

Thank you and many greetings,

Sergei Shandarin & Rien van de Weygaert on behalf of LOC and SOC
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