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Published on Friday, 02 April 2021 Written by Юлія Антоненко

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НДІ астрономії ХНУ 6 квітня 2021 р., вівторок15:30

Zaslavskii Oleg
"Penrose process after more than 50 years"

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Abstract: The basics of the Penrose process (PP) are discussed. We consider decay of a particle in the gravitational field of a black hole. The estimates of potential efficiency of energy extraction is done.
The difficulties which PP encounters in astrophysics are considered. The electric analogue of PP with a static charged black hole is described. Another version of PP is the collisional PP. Then, energy is extracted from a black hole as a result of particle collisions. Unlimited extraсtion of forbidden for the rotating neutral case but is possible for charged ones. The intimate connection between the collisional PP and the Banados-Silk-West effect (unbounded energy of collision in the center of mass frame) is elucidated. 
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